New Masjid

Proposed Development

The proposal is to fully, more efficiently utilize the existing plot of Adam’s Masjid by developing a purpose-built, state-of-the-art masjid and Islamic center which shall comprise the following:

  • Underground level - mainly for parking + ghusl/mayyit area
  • Ground floor - Prayer hall for up to 1,100 male worshippers
  • Mezzanine floor – Ladies’ prayer area accommodating 450 worshippers + commercial area
  • 1st floor – Prayer area for 1300 worshippers + classrooms + MPH + seminar rooms
  • 2nd floor – Library + open plan offices
  • 3rd floor – Open plan offices
  • 4th floor – Imam’s units


Key Features

The proposed building will have a covered area of approximately 12,000 square meters and will include the following facilities:

  • A modern, state of the art masjid for men and women
  • Enough space to accommodate 3,200 worshippers (men and women).
  • 3-level basement parking
  • A library
  • A revert center
  • A ghusl center
  • A multipurpose hall
  • A youth recreation center
  • Commercial block – Will include shops for rent, whereby the money realized shall be used for the maintenance of the center.

The building plans for the project have already been finalized. The total cost of the project is estimated to be Kshs. 536 Million/ and the time for completion is approximately 2 years, insha Allah!