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Adams Masjid Islamic Center




We welcome all our brothers and sisters to participate and help us build this Masjid Faster by


1. making dua for the speedy completion of this project  ,

2. Donating through MPESA to our PAYBILL , BUSINESS NO 918750 ACCOUNT # 000

3. For First Community Bank Account holders

Make direct deposit or Cheque for ” Adams Charitable Trust” to FCB A/C No. 00113883 Westlands Branch ,

You can remit a Telegraphic Transfer to our US$ Account ” Adams Charitable Trust” to FCB A/C No. 00113882  Westlands Branch,


4. For Gulf Bank Account holders:

Chequses and Cash Payable to:  Adams Charitable Trust:           Account No.  78678601


or you can contact us for further assistance on how you can be part of this project.

Jazakallah Khair

Download Project Brochure in PDF