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In the Name of Allah, most Gracious and Merciful

Asalam Aleikum Brothers and Sisters.
We would like to invite you to the new project of rebuilding the Adams arcade Masjid to be one of Kenya’s Modern Islamic centers.

The budget required to complete this project inshallah is Ksh, 530,000,000/-

The new Masjid will have state of the art facilities whose standard features will include:
- A modern State of the Art four story building
- 2 Basement Parking
- Masjid prayer Capacity of 3200 Men and women.
- Media Center
- Revert Center
- Library
- Dawaat center
- Commercial Center
- Ghusl center

5 thoughts on “The New Adams Masjid

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    We pray that all shall be well and easy as 123. We also pray that the Masjid shall be an Islamic Centre where everyone Muslims and Non-Muslims shall turn to learn Islam

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    This is a great project. Which shall creat employment, shall educate humanity, and great information centre.

    This achieve the target collection, it is advisable to play with numbers and rigorous drive to collect cash in each mosque in Kenya every Friday for the next 12 months.

    I think membership can also work things out. 3,000,000 Muslims at 100-200 shillings per person can manage to accummulate enough start up cash. Proper campaign strategy should be set up for the above project. Insha Allah within a year this should be realized.
    Jazaakumullahu Kheir

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      Adams Masjid Post author

      Thats a brilliant idea my brother, inshallah we are working with the various masjids and have an lot of support.

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